About us

Jungle Jax overview

We are a Christian based Nursery school. A place where your child is in safe and loving hands.

We let creativity, ingenuity and our interests are our guide.

We believe in Learning through Play!

We have a big love for the work we do, so that guarantees great service and education for your children.

Our lessons are playing based learning and targets different areas in your child.

All our staffs are friendly, professional and well trained to work with your children.

Being part of your child’s life and educating them and to see them grow in the youngsters God created them to be is a very big honour for us.

We also welcome special needs children with open arms.
We do host aftercare facilities until 17:15 pm Monday – Friday.



Cognitive Development: This is the child’s ability to learn and solve problems
Social and Emotional Development
Fine Motor skill Development
Gross Motor Skill Development

Extra mural activities


Deborah-Ann Dance Acadamy

Fitness & Balance

Mini Boot camp

Swimming Lessons

Klein Pikkewyn Swimming Centre

Play Ball